The First Step Is pre-approval,         Click to send a pre-approval email request thru

 Here are the benefits:         

*You look at homes within your approved price range.

*You close quicker, if desired

*You are in a stronger negotiating position

It is very important to be pre-approved so that when you start your

home search- you are able to identify the houses that will meet your

banks loan criteria and then the seller will be more likely to accept your offer.

There are a slew of Mortgage Programs from 100% programs to investor deals

but you must meet the qualifying requirements. Call me to help you locate 

a lender and a program that will be best for you.  

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PreQualification VS Preapproval

When purchasing a home many home buyers get pre-qualified by

calling a lender or agent and verbally telling them about their

income and debts. The lender or agent can usually obtain a  

ball park qualifying figure on what the client should be able to afford.   

The difference is with a preapproval accounts are verirified by the  

client faxing, emailing, or bringing in proof of income (pay stubs,  

bank staments, W-2's, and tax returns) and the lender obtains a  

tri-merge credit report for the buyer.  After finding out what the 

client spending habits are then a preapproval letter which normally  

can include the qualyfing amount for sales price, down payment      

requirements, loan type, and potential approved interest rate is issued.                           

By obtaining a preapproval you can gain leverage in negotiating a 

contract and some sellers will strictly demand to only deal with 

preapproved buyers.

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When shopping a real estate website note total payments should include PITI- principal, interest, Taxes, and Insurance and sometimes association fees............